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Pharmacology Institute of Sherbrooke (IPS)

The Pharmacology Institute of Sherbrooke (IPS) has developed an interdisciplinary research philosophy which has led to numerous collaborations in the pursuit of its objectives:

  • Discover new molecular and cellular mechanisms key to the development of human pathologies;
  • Discover new bioactive molecules with the diagnostic or therapeutic potential to tackle these mechanisms;
  • Develop technologies that promote drug discovery diagnostic agents.

The joint expertise of 40 researchers, from 12 departments and 3 faculties, covers a wide range of fields, including pharmacology, medicinal and organic chemistry, physiology, medicine, biomedical imaging, biophysics, electrical and biotechnological engineering, structural biology, and bioinformatics.

On the Université de Sherbrooke’s Health Campus, the IPS’s immediate research environment includes the CHUS Research Centre, the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, the Centre hospitalier universitaire de Sherbrooke, and the Pavilion of Applied Research on Cancer (PRAC). In addition, on the Université de Sherbrooke’s main campus, partners include the Faculty of Science, the Faculty of Engineering, the Interdisciplinary Institute on Technological Innovation (3IT), and TransferTech Sherbrooke. The physical proximity of these partners is unique to the Sherbrooke environment and delivers tangible added value.

Philippe Sarret

Philippe Sarret

Scientific Director