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Digital Health

The UdeS and CIUSSS de l’Estrie - CHUS: The heart of Quebec’s digital health ecosystem

In Estrie, we do more than simply talk about digital health. Our local scientific medical communities are working hand in hand to advance research and make a significant improvement in data access to benefit patients.

All research is geared toward improving care for the population, from prevention to recovery, from drug discovery to enhanced quality and safety of care. Analysis of environmental and genetic health determinants is intended to personalize medical care.

Learn about Estrie’s strengths in digital health

Unique university hospital model 

  • University hospital centre, research centre, and the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences integrated into a single campus
  • 50 years of collaboration 
  • Collaborative valorization of health data:
    • The CIUSSS de l’Estrie – CHUS has built an extensive health database over the past 30 years from the regional population. A wealth of anonymized health data is available in a variety of forms (physician progress notes, analysis results, imaging data, responses to an epidemiological survey, etc.).
    • The Université de Sherbrooke (UdeS) is a partner in various health research databases.

Recognized leadership 

  • Creation of the Pôle universitaire en santé numérique de l’Estrie
  • Grant of funding from the Government of Quebec to build the Pavillon de médecine de précision et de recherche translationnelle
  • Establishing high impact industrial partnerships. For example:
    • Imagia - Terry Fox Research Institute: Distributed machine learning platform.
    • Imeka: Design of neuroimaging technologies based on deep learning.
    • Lumed Inc.: Development of the 1st antimicrobial stewardship solution in Canada.

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