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Laboratoire Nanotechnologies et Nanosystèmes (LN2) / International Research Laboratory

The UMI-LN2 is a bilateral research unit between France and Canada. The primary objective of the lab is to reinforce scientific and technological collaborations through exchanges conducted on bilateral projects within the student and research community.

LN2 aims to produce integrated interdisciplinary research. The laboratory conducts research in the field of micro-nanotechnologies. It pro-actively develops original partnerships between industry and academia in an international context, particularly between France and Canada.

The fields of application are numerous: electronics, energy, health, transport, information and communication technologies, etc...

The unit’s governing bodies are the CNRS-INSIS, GIS RENATECH, Université de Sherbrooke, and French universities and grandes écoles (INSA Lyon, École Centrale de Lyon, CPE Lyon, and UJF Grenoble).

Research Activities

Research activities at the UMI-LN2 are organized around 3 technological axes:

  • 3D Electronic Integration and Packaging
  • BioMEMs
  • On-Chip Energy Management

A cross-cutting research axis “Innovations in Nanotechnologies: Ethics, Uses, and Societies” is also conducted in close collaboration with humanities and social sciences researchers.

The LN2 has a primary site at the Interdisciplinary Institute for Technological Innovation (3IT) and dedicated spaces at the Université de Sherbrooke at the MiQro Innovation Collaborative Centre (C2MI) in Bromont. The LN2 also has mirroring sites in France through the Réseau National des Grandes Centrales Technologiques of the CNRS (RENATECH—National network of major technological centres) and laboratories of the Institut des sciences et de l’ingénierie des systèmes (INSIS—Institute of sciences and systems engineering).

LN2: Europe – North America Point of Contact

The LN2’s mode of operation is marked by various international scientific gatherings to maximize LN2’s unique positioning as a Europe–North America point of contact in the field of nanotechnologies/nanosystems. The LN2’s activities are also developed within the Réseau Francophone des Nanotechnologies (French nanotechnologies network) financed by the CFQCU (Conseil Franco-Québécois de la Coopération Universitaire—France-Quebec council for university cooperation).