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Anti-Doping in Sport

In partnership with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), the Université de Sherbrooke has created the first ever Research Chair for Anti-Doping in Sports.

While contributing to positioning Québec as a world hub for anti-doping, this chair aims to improve mindsets and practices through in-depth knowledge. Research will help better manage anti-doping in international sports. It will specifically explore decision-making processes, the selection of controls and sanctions, and the responsibilities of the various parties involved.

The Research Chair on Anti-Doping in Sports is the only of its kind focused on international sports management and partially funded by the WADA. To increase the currently lacking knowledge, it has five specific objectives:

  • Develop multidisciplinary expertise on anti-doping in sports;
  • Develop theoretical and practical knowledge on anti-doping regulations and international management;
  • Identify the best state practices in anti-doping by developing a systematic analysis tool;
  • Train a next generation qualified to better take action in anti-doping organizations;
  • Disseminate results to the science community and practice settings.

Ultimately, practice settings will benefit from the knowledge acquired as part of the chair’s work and contribute to a true change in mindsets. Effective communication tools will provide for regular knowledge transfer to the general public and scientists in Canada and abroad.

Principal Investigator: David Pavot

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