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Physical Activity for an Aging Population

Aging is often synonymous with health problems. Type 2 diabetes is a good example.

Persons with it are therefore encouraged to stay in shape to maintain good physical health. Many are searching for a solution that would have comprehensive benefits and, as part of this movement, interval training is gaining traction. But what is the best avenue? Currently, the scientific literature does not adequately define the effects of the different types of training to be recommended.

Researchers associated with the Université de Sherbrooke’s Research Centre on Aging (CdRV) are studying mechanisms of the human body during physical activity to effectively analyze the impacts of each type of training on aging individuals with specific health conditions, notably type 2 diabetes or cancer.

Through their work, they are aiming to demonstrate that exercise can truly have a therapeutic purpose when effectively combined with medical treatment at the right time. With further advances, their research will make it possible to determine the most effective exercise methods in terms of each condition and thus directly contribute to a healthy aging public.

Principal Investigators: Isabelle Dionne and Eléonore Riesco

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