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Our Core Values

The great people-centred university

The UdeS is a community in which each person draws strength from human relationships. Proximity, hospitality, accessibility, and openness to others contribute to the quality of our educational, work, and living environment.

Commitment, unifying our forces

A fundamental aspect of the UdeS community is the strong sense of belonging of its members and the pride in our individual and collective achievements to meet current and future needs and challenges. Through this commitment, our social and personal responsibility is expressed.

Innovation, choosing the road less travelled

Innovation is an integral part of our DNA, allowing us to remain at the forefront. To innovate, we dare to think outside the box, take risks, and demonstrate creativity and uniqueness. Innovating is how we express our creativity.

Excellence, the UdeS hallmark

The UdeS is a leading university centre distinguished by its high quality standards in both teaching and research. Here, we are able to combine efficiency and collaboration to skilfully adapt. To excel implies inventiveness and rigour in action to build tomorrow’s society.