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Solar Park - Canada's largest!

  • A smart solar generation system within the Main Campus, as well as an experimental thermal storage system in the Parc Innovation - ACELP UdeS.
  • Solar panels on the roof of the Centre sportif Yvon-Lamarche and the Scale-up Centre
  • 23 solar trackers at the Parc Innovation - ACELP UdeS
  • 2 solar trackers in the roundabouts of the Parc Innovation - ACELP UdeS and the Main Campus.

As a result of a total power of almost one megawatt—approximately 15% of the UdeS Main Campus’s consumption—and its extremely high-level equipment, it constitutes a Canadian point of reference for validating future production and storage technologies associated with renewable energies, specifically in a cold climate. This expertise is also at the source of a partnership agreement between the Université de Sherbrooke and the Institut de recherche en énergie solaire et énergies nouvelles (IRESEN), located in Morocco, which has complementary expertise in the Mediterranean and Atlantic climate, thus opening avenues to a large number of partnerships at the international level.