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Multiscale Research Complex in Hydrology, Hydraulics, and Environment

Leveraging the first multiscale research complex in hydrology, hydraulics, and environment in North America, UdeS researchers carry out innovative, multidisciplinary projects, focused on water flow in natural environments.

Water management and quality are crucial for our future, and the results of work carried out in this field may be replicated internationally, as numerous countries have issues managing water.

The complex is composed of the following:

  • Pilot drainage basin with experimental lake;
  • Experimental river;
  • State-of-the-art scientific equipment for analytical chemistry and water treatment.

The drainage basin is used to conduct research activities in hydrology and contaminant transport. It is a unique research tool providing a database that takes into account Quebec’s true climatic variations.

The experimental river is the centre point for fluvial hydraulics research activities focused on processes that are difficult to accurately reproduce in the laboratory.

The complex strongly encourages interdisciplinary expert collaboration in civil engineering, chemistry, and applied geomatics, and development research projects with industrial, municipal, and governmental partners.