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Research and Graduate Studies Celebration

Some 4 000 UdeS research program students form a vibrant network. We not only encourage recruiting new researchers, we also set up opportunities to highlight these people who work, day in and day out, to advance knowledge.

It is our duty to challenge conventional wisdom regarding academic research. To accomplish this, we have to provide researchers with the recognition they deserve.

In addition to their usual activities, faculties regularly organize activities or days entirely dedicated to promoting work conducted by researchers. For students, this can be in the form of one-time platforms to present their work and opportunities to network with other research stakeholders with the potential to establish successful scientific collaborations.

Each year, the Vice-President, Research and Graduate Studies, organizes the Research and Graduate Studies Celebration to give the entire community a chance to acknowledge the incredible talent blossoming within our walls.

In addition to acknowledging our community member’s outstanding achievements, the university presents institutional awards during the event, including the Research and Creation Award, Tremplin Award in Research and Innovation, Best Doctoral Thesis Award, and the awards from the Science Outreach Competition.