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White Paper - Togetherness

Report on multidisciplinary research related to togetherness

Plurality, governance, equity… Togetherness combines a number of different research projects at the UdeS. On the initiative of researchers from all disciplines driven by this theme, a white paper aiming to explain the expertise involved was developed and posted online.

This white paper is addressed to all members of the research community who want to know more specifically what their peers are accomplishing in terms of togetherness. It includes 15 texts issued from professors of several fields focused on togetherness, such as law, education, medicine and health sciences, management, and the arts and humanities.

Knowledge Transfer and Collaboration

Following a Study Day held in November 2019 gathering UdeS researchers of this theme, the need arose to know what is happening in terms of research with an impact on togetherness. How could a review of various projects be both productive and original?

The idea of making a white paper—work which defines the state of an issue—was therefore chosen to foster knowledge transfer. The collaborative processes between researchers, such as writing joint articles and preparing applications for grants on joint projects, and the organizing of discussion days could also be facilitated through this work. Some 110 UdeS professors, within their research programs, are conducting work related to various aspects of togetherness.

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