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Define Your Subject

The period preceding admission is important. A number of tools are available to help you start this new step on the right foot.

Properly identify your interests and personal motivations by browsing directories featuring research groups or becoming familiar with the research topics studied in the fields you are considering

Use the following resources:

  • The UdeS's Specialist Directory includes the vast majority of our professors who are actively involved in research, and is used to find a specialist with keywords (in French or English)
  • The list of Research Institutes and Research Centres officially recognized by the UdeS provides links to access group websites.
  • The Inventory of Research Projects features specific topics for which one or more professors are actively recruiting candidates (master’s, PhD, and postdoctorate).
  • The Savoirs UdeS repository provides free access to UdeS theses and papers from previous years as well as publications, prepublications, and other intellectual productions of our researchers and students.

Take the time to discuss your project with your current professors or contact an advisor who could help you get a clearer picture of the upcoming steps in research.

Check the program’s specific requirements including information regarding mentoring agreements.

    If you are an international applicant or a Canadian applicant living outside of Quebec, consult the key information for applicants outside of Quebec.