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Feminist Studies

Literature: Source of information and advancement for equality

Understanding all of the intersectional forms of discrimination is required to raise awareness and contribute to the implementation of sustainable solutions in terms of equality, diversity, and inclusion. Through examining writings, literary research becomes a historically important source of information. It shines a light on modes of thinking and identity-based relationships at specific times. Using selected words, it produces a direct reflection of society.

In this context, Professor Isabelle Boisclair obtained a major grant from the SSHRC for the research project Le(s) lieu(x) du pouvoir : analyse intersectionnelle des subjectivités de sexe/genre/désir dans leur rapport avec l’espace dans la littérature francophone contemporaine (Places of power: Intersectional analysis of subjectivities of sex/gender/desire as they relate to the space in contemporary French literature).

By analyzing the last thirty years of literature, she was able to observe major changes, especially in spaces reserved for men or for women. Through the years, the lines have shifted in what the researcher calls “les lieux de pouvoir” (places of power). Theses changes have had multiple consequences, including the appropriation of sexual discourse by women, which radically changed the perspective of the concept of sexuality, up to then thought of as a male subject.

In the long term, Professor Boisclair’s research will make it possible to further advance knowledge on the subject of sharing resources and powers between the sexes in our society, a crucial challenge. It will provide us with the opportunity to better understand how we can today envision more balanced relationships for tomorrow. The research results could provide food for thought for all participants interested in stronger gender equity, originating from the academic community, public and parapublic government bodies, as well as community organizations.

Principal Investigator: Isabelle Boisclair

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