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Population Aging

Population aging is a complex and multifaceted challenge. For several years, the Université de Sherbrooke's (UdeS) expertise on this theme has been among the most important and recognized in Canada.

OBJECTIVE: Foster intersectoral research networking on the various dimensions of active and satisfying aging.

Each day, a large number of professors work towards developing new knowledge to identify upcoming impacts in the various spheres of life. They suggest and adopt adapted practices to support active and satisfying aging. The expertise developed at the UdeS has a direct impact on populations and is preparing the next generation to take concrete action to face this challenge.

Are you interested in research on population aging?

Contact a member of the group of researchers fostering the development of research on this theme. For more information, you can also contact the theme coordinator, Marylie Martel.

Bessam Abdulrazak


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Mélanie Couture

Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

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Mélanie Plourde

Medicine and Health Sciences

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Johanne Queenton


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Samuèle Rémillard-Boilard

Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

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Éléonore Riesco

Physical activity sciences

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Cécile Smeesters


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