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Institut universitaire de première ligne en santé et services sociaux (IUPLSSS)

The research fields of the IUPLSSS represent three sectors of care, services, and programs provided to children and families, adults, and communities.

  • Child development within the family and community
  • Practice and governance related to social services and health
  • Community development

Its mission is to intertwine knowledge across disciplines to develop practices and improve interventions and decision-making processes. The entire research approach is focused on real issues: Research topics and activities are developed based on the needs of users, professionals, health and social service centre managers, and community organizations.

It hinges on the engagement, participation, and reinforcement of abilities and opportunities for accomplishment of the territory’s people and organizations, to improve the health and wellbeing of local residents, both individually and as a community.

The research infrastructure fuels the emergence of innovative practices and contributes to the development of tangible tools for first-line health and social services. It oversees valorization, engagement, and knowledge transfer while contributing to training.

Photo of Professor Fabienne Lagueux

Fabienne Lagueux

Interim Scientific Director