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Concluding a Mentoring Agreement

Should you find a research director?

This is probably the most frequently asked question. Although initial academic experiences only require enrolling to start a program, you now have to consider negotiating with someone as a variable for admission. Many people will even give up on taking on a master’s degree, not really knowing how to go about being admitted.

The procedure is simple; two scenarios are possible:

  1. You must first find a professor specialized in the topic you would like to study and convince them to become your mentor. You may only apply for admission to the program once this has been done. This scenario applies mostly to scientific programs as researcher specialties are often well defined and outlined.
  2. You apply for the program you are interested in and once your program has begun, the faculty helps you identify the best person to supervise your work based on your topic. This scenario most often applies to humanities programs, which start with a wider analysis of a topic before focusing on a more specific topic.