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Why Choose The UdeS?

The UdeS more than ever represents a strategic force in research.

Our university has the highest increase in its research activities in Canada over the last 10 years, ranking among the 15 universities with the highest research revenues in the country. Our high citation index in academic literature and the research intensity of our activities are recognized across many fields.

Undeniable advantages of the UdeS

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Personalized Support

The UdeS has distinguished itself through its personalized approach. This includes access to best-practice guides, a mentoring committee for each student, and follow-up tools to help students progress smoothly through their studies.

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Exceptional research environments

Our campuses were developed to foster creation, knowledge sharing, and innovation in our research areas. Various sectors in distinctive locations make the UdeS an incomparable living research environment.

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Interdisciplinarity and networking

The research at the UdeS is defined through its exceptional collaborative approach. As a result of its flexible, cross-disciplinary ecosystem, there are many opportunities to foster interdisciplinary exchanges and collaborations with industrial partners.

The most generous excellence scholarship program in Quebec

With our graduate studies excellence grants program, you will be provided with the means to make your study project a reality.

Come be part of the next generation of UdeS scientists!

The UdeS has implemented a search engine used by many of our professors to post projects to recruit their next generation of scientists.

These projects are advertised in various formats, often representing excellent opportunities for people who want to pivot into research. Explore the list of projects that are open for recruitment to find your project or for inspiration!


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