Research and Innovation

The Université de Sherbrooke has earned a reputation for its hard-hitting research, which has led to major discoveries and innovations in a variety of disciplines. Research at the Université de Sherbrooke translates into:

A new self-guiding application developed for students in geomatics - Image: Michel Caron

Founded in 1954, Université de Sherbrooke is known for its avant-garde and for the originality of its educational programs and research. Quality, innovation and flexibility are the cornerstones of its outstanding development. Each year the Université draws on its three campuses over 40,000 students from over 120 countries.

Over the years, Université de Sherbrooke stood out for its dynamism in research. The high quality of work carried out by some 1,000 professors not only helped them to gain a good reputation, but it has led to major discoveries and innovations in several disciplines.

The range of research at Université de Sherbrooke is vast. Every day, in groups and with unique infrastructure through partnerships or innovative curriculum, more than 2,700 people use their passion and perseverance to push the frontiers of knowledge.