Research and Innovation

At the Université de Sherbrooke, innovation is part of our DNA and allows us to position ourselves at the forefront. To innovate, we dare to think differently, take risks, show imagination and originality. To innovate is to express one' s creativity. Three fundamental principles serve as a guide to ensure that our research has a greater impact while contributing to the common values of our institution:

  • Sustainable development;
  • Equity, diversity and inclusion;
  • The growth of a network of high quality partners.

From a macroscopic point of view, the University's duty is to provide the next generation of researchers with an experience that fosters a passion for innovation. This is how, over the years, our society will make significant contributions to social and technological breakthroughs.

Graduate Scholarships and Fellowships Program

Do you have great ambitions in research? We offer you a generous graduate scholarships and fellowships program. At UdeS, we pursue the objective of recruiting the most promising students. We encourage them to pursue their aspirations and give them the means to do so. Unique in the country, our program represents our firm commitment to training the next generation of highly qualified personnel:

  • Push knowledge to new heights;
  • Train enlightened citizens to face the challenges of society;
  • Prepare a creative and highly qualified workforce.

For more details, please visit the Graduate Scholarships and Fellowships Program (in French only).

About Université de Sherbrooke

Located in Canada, in the Province of Quebec, the Université de Sherbrooke is a French-speaking institution that offers you the opportunity to benefit from an academic education that is recognized and valued around the world.

The Université de Sherbrooke has been welcoming international students ever since it was founded and each year the numbers increase. Currently, more than 1600 foreign students from 88 countries worldwide attend the Université de Sherbrooke.

There are 6612 employees at the Université de Sherbrooke, including 3400 professors, lecturers and the clinical professors at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.

UdeS has three campuses offering an enviable and sought after environment.