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Personalized Support

Studying in research is challenging. Moving from undergraduate to graduate studies is only accomplished through adaptation:

  • Learning methods vary;
  • The journey is not a straight line;
  • Students must learn to become independent in their academic careers and make their own choices to define their researcher profile.

At the UdeS, we are committed to making this transition as seamless as possible.

To this end, we have simplified the administrative processes and allocated more resources to implementing adapted and personalized tools. Each student making their debut in research can therefore adapt more easily to their lifestyle as a researcher through: 

  • Online and personalized applications for easy management of their academic career
  • Continuously updated electronic portfolio regardless of the program of studies
  • Normalized deadlines to ensure a standard, optimal pathway
  • Follow-up tools to foster consistent and seamless progress of studies

These measures have a great impact: The duration of master’s and doctoral studies is shortened, and the success rate increased. Our primary mission is this: Training a high-quality next generation in research by providing them with the tools to define themselves.