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Our guiding values

As the management team, we have undertaken our mandate under the theme of Dare to Transform. It is what best defines our vision: We dare to think differently. We allow ourselves to take alternative pathways because we believe in our team’s strengths and are convinced that with the people in our team we can better understand and improve the world around us.

Each day, we are guided by our values of equity, diversity, and inclusion. This is our way of working with each individual according to their unique personality, which has allowed us over time to give full meaning to the term “Excellence.” For our team, it’s more than winning prizes, it’s important that our research remains relevant and has a real impact in our community. To achieve this, we have to take diverse perspectives into account, consider the objective from different approaches, and challenge traditional methods.

At the UdeS, we want to understand so we can contribute better. We are striving to devote even more time to research. We are going to become one of the largest research universities. At the UdeS, free minds find their home: