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Interdisciplinarity and Networking

To reach new heights, research is most productive when undertaken collaboratively with consideration of various approaches and perspectives. With this in mind, we have implemented new institutional mechanisms that benefit all of our student researchers.

These initiatives - developed in collaboration with the Office of the Vice-President, Partnerships and Knowledge Transfer - provide UdeS students with multiple opportunities to engage in transdisciplinary discussions. They may work on a research project in direct collaboration with an industrial partner. They may follow a shared path, integrate a multidisciplinary research group, participate in entrepreneurship workshops, and many other innovative methods.

We put everything in place so that both fundamental and applied research are conducted within an exceptional, vibrant, flexible, cross-cutting, and translational ecosystem.

This not only equips the new generation of researchers to work in an academic context, it also enables them to build their reputation in business, industrial, and government contexts.

Examples of activities offered:

Research students at the UdeS may also enhance their training by acquiring certified professional and cross-curricular skills. Learn more about the Centre Cr+.