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Integrated Research Laboratory for the Development of Materials and Sustainable and Innovative Structures

The quality of equipment and laboratories available to the Faculty of Engineering reflects the dynamism and recognition of its many research teams.

Thanks to the trust of numerous partners and major investments, several infrastructures contain high-tech equipment that make it possible for the UdeS to continuously pursue its mission in engineering research.

This building, the only of its kind in Canada in both design and purpose, is used for research and as a laboratory. From its construction, it has been used as a large-scale trial test bed for various types of new building materials and structures, specifically those which integrate industrial by-products such as cementitious materials. Since then, the equipment installed within its walls has enabled the behavioural analysis of structural elements at full scale. Through the exceptional synergy that coexists among its high-calibre researchers, this Université de Sherbrooke team is now undertaking a major challenge: Designing the materials of tomorrow that will be used in constructing improved concrete structures and sustainable buildings. The laboratory also contains equipment for evaluating energy efficiency. With sustainable development in mind, this building utilizes technologies developed in Sherbrooke to recuperate energy, specifically through the unique design of its walls.