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Mentoring Committee

Survey results acknowledge the UdeS as the most appreciated university among its students year after year and are not obtained by accident. At the UdeS, student success is everyone’s business and a shared responsibility. In keeping with this important value, our research students have access from the beginning of their journey to not only one mentor, but a whole mentoring committee. This committee, created independently from the research director, meets for various reasons including annual meetings led by the master’s or PhD student.

Committee’s objective

The objective of the committee is to formalize an opportunity to discuss the progress of the research project and, more generally: 

  • The student’s academic pathway
  • The student’s personal situation
  • Collaboration with their director of studies
  • The student’s professional achievements and prospects

These meetings do not have an administrative purpose, they aim to better delineate the research pathway, give students the opportunity to take stock of their progress and seek other perspectives, through programmed annual meetings.

A proven model!

This model, which is implemented in every program of studies, significantly facilitates the integration of students in their research group, which results in reducing their risks of isolation - unfortunately, this is well documented in research problematics - and helps them develop their professional network.

Tool for preparing your meetings

In the following document, we suggest some discussion topics that will help guide your meetings with your mentoring committee: