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Research Centre on Aging (CdRV)

As an official research institute, the CdRV includes some fifty researchers from several scientific disciplines who all contribute to the development of new knowledge to prevent, slow, and mitigate the aging process and the loss of autonomy of the elderly.

The Centre produces and integrates knowledge on processes supporting healthy aging and facilitates society’s adaptation to this complex challenge by ensuring that this knowledge is disseminated in clinical and community settings. Assisting in the application of new knowledge is at the core of the Centre’s activities, whose mission is to train the next generation of professionals, researchers, and clinician-investigators in this field.

More specifically, the Centre’s work aims to: 

  • Understand the mechanisms of biological aging responsible for the increased vulnerability of the senescent organism;
  • Analyze the characteristics of certain deficiencies specific to aging or presenting specificities in elderly patients;
  • Develop and evaluate the effectiveness of interventions and programs to maintain, promote, or restore autonomy in seniors;
  • Understand the specific factors involved in the genesis of disability among seniors and assess the rehabilitation interventions for this type of clientele;
  • Know the factors inducing cognitive, psychological, and social vulnerability in seniors and analyze the psycho-social determinants of maintaining autonomy and self-actualization.
Photo of Karl Fernandes

Karl Fernandes

Interim Scientific Director