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Admission Application

Find a fellowship mentor

To complete a postdoctoral fellowship at the Université de Sherbrooke, the first step is finding a professor who will accept to be the fellowship mentor and host you in their research team. Consult the Specialist Directory in your field and the Inventory of Research Projects or simply the website of the faculty concerned.

After discussion with a professor and when they have accepted to host you, the faculty will send you an official letter of invitation, specifying:

  • The location and dates of the start and end (duration) of the fellowship;
  • The nature of the research planned;
  • The conditions for financial support (scholarships, salaries, benefits, payment terms, etc.);
  • Additional useful information.

It is recommended to agree in advance on an arrival date and to make an appointment with your host unit and the professor who has committed to ensuring support for your postdoctoral fellowship.

Also, make sure you understand all your rights and responsibilities regarding your compensation as a postdoctoral fellow. Consult this additional information published on the website of the Service d'appui à la recherche, à l'innovation et à la création (SARIC).

Contact your resource person

Talk to your host faculty contact to clarify the process specific to that unit. This step is imperative before completing and submitting your application.

Fill in the admission form