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Improving patient safety by optimizing the use of nursing human resources


Christian Rochefort, Professeur - School of Nursing
Faculté de médecine et des sciences de la santé
École des sciences infirmières
2e cycle
3e cycle
Stage postdoctoral
Campus de la santé
Campus de Longueuil
Campus conjoint de Moncton
Campus conjoint de Saguenay

Project Description

My research program has two interrelated components. In the first, we work on the development and validation of nursing care quality and patient safety indicators in various clinical settings (e.g., acute care hospitals, long-term care, and community settings). We focus specifically on the development and validation of nursing-sensitive outcomes. 

In the second, we assess the impact of various nurse staffing practices on the quality and safety of patient care (e.g.: nurse-to-patient ratios, skill mix, education mix, use of overtime hours or agency nursing staff). 

My program of research is funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) on an ongoing basis since 2012. Several scholarship opportunities are available.

Specific requirements:
Interest in nursing administration research as well as in epidemiological and biostatistical research methods. Qualitative research projects are also possible. 


Faculty recommendations:
- Before registering an official application for admission, contact a researcher who will agree to supervise your studies.
- For international candidates, it is essential to apply for admission two terms in advance in order to obtain the Study Permit (Government of Canada) and the Certificate of Acceptance of Quebec (Government of Quebec ).

Discipline(s) by sector

Sciences de la santé

Administration de la santé, Épidémiologie et biostatistique, Sciences infirmières

Funding offered


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