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Design, modelling and micromachining of advanced ultrasound probes


Nicolas Quaegebeur, Professeur - Department of Mechanical Engineering
Patrice Masson, Directeur de département - Department of Mechanical Engineering
Faculté de génie
Département de génie électrique et de génie informatique
Département de génie mécanique
2e cycle
3e cycle
GAUS - Groupe d'Acoustique de l'Université de Sherbrooke

Project Description

The GAUS ultrasound team is looking for a master's or PhD candidate around issues related to the following fields of application:

- Multi-physics numerical simulation (FEM) for the design of new generations of ultrasonic probes;
- Signal processing and embedded electronics for medical imaging.

We are looking for a wide variety of profiles who may have a strong taste or expertise in one or more of the following areas:

- Acoustics and vibrations (theoretical);
- Digital signal processing and simulation (MATLAB);
- Multi-physics system modeling (COMSOL);
- Mechanical physics and wave propagation in general;
- Micromachining and transducer assembly.

The student will be integrated into the GAUS ultrasound team, which includes 3 professors and an infrastructure unique in Canada (3D scanning vibrometer, ultrasound imaging systems, rapid prototyping, air-coupled probes). Stimulating environment guaranteed!

Discipline(s) by sector

Sciences naturelles et génie

Génie électrique et génie électronique, Génie mécanique

Funding offered


The last update was on 12 March 2024. The University reserves the right to modify its projects without notice.