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Office of the Vice-President, Research and Graduate Studies

The general role of the Vice-President, Research and Graduate Studies, is to coordinate and oversee all of the university’s research activities. Reporting to Vice-President Perreault, the team is dedicated to research and graduate studies, and steering the UdeS among the ranks of the best research universities.

Professor Jean-Pierre Perreault

Vice-President, Research and Graduate Studies

Professor Jean-Pierre Perreault, graduate in biochemistry, pursued post-doctoral training at Yale University before joining the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at the Université de Sherbrooke, where he is now a full professor in the Department of Biochemistry.

A molecular biologist and expert in RNA and viroid enzymology, Professor Perreault holds the Université de Sherbrooke Research Chair on RNA Structure and Genomics. He previously held the Research Chair in Catalytic Genomics and RNA. He led the development of new applications in gene inactivation based on the fundamental findings of his laboratory. Jean-Pierre Perreault was the founding director of the RNA Biology Research Centre and a co-founder of RiboClub, a Canadian group of researchers interested in the study of RNA. He has chaired the Canadian Society for Biochemistry, Molecular and Cellular Biology (later the Canadian Society for Molecular Biosciences), and sat on its Board of Directors for several years.

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Professor Jean-Pascal Lemelin

Assistant Vice-President, Research and Graduate Studies

Jean-Pascal Lemelin is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychoeducation and a member of the Université de Sherbrooke’s Groupe de recherche sur les inadaptations sociales de l'enfance. He is conducting research on affective and emotional development, behavioural issues, educational maladjustment, parent-child relationships, and cognitive development.

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