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Canadian English

Have you ever wondered why you sometimes see the word “grey” and other times you see it written “gray”? If you are not studying in English, you probably do not notice or know the different ways of writing these words. These are just the differences between Canadian English, British English, and American English. In some cases, Canadians spell words like British people, but those same words are spelled differently in the United-States. For instance, many words ending in –re in Canada end by –er in the United-States. Another example would be that many words with –our in Canada are spelled only –or in the United-States. Here are some examples of the differences between Canadian and American English:

Canadian // American (USA)

  • Anyway // Anyways
  • Centre // Center
  • Grey // Gray
  • Humour // Humor
  • Metre // Meter
  • Neighbour // Neighbor
  • Practise (verb) // Practice (verb)

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