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Three ways to learn English!

Are you interested in learning English? Are you looking for ways to improve your English skills? Well, you have come to the right place! Here are 3 different ways to learn and improve your target language.

1. Discussions and events

One of the best ways to learn English is to practice it with someone who speaks the language. Not only do you get to practice your pronunciation, but you also get to develop new vocabulary while learning about your mistakes! If you don’t know someone who speaks English, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Clé Anglaise. (

If you are lucky enough to live in a community with English speakers, you can also try to find events that interest you in the target language. You will be able to practice your listening skills, and maybe you will make some new friends!

2. Listening skills

If you wish to improve your listening skills, whether to boost your vocabulary or to learn the correct way to pronounce words, watching movies, TV shows, videos, or listening to a podcast are all great ways to help train your ear and entertain!

Bonus: Subtitles will help you learn new words, and you will notice how to write them.

3. Journaling and Pen pals

If you are looking to improve your English writing skills, you can always journal about your day, or even try writing short stories or poems. Play with the language and be creative!

Have you ever had a pen pal? Multiple websites offer you the ability to exchange with someone from another place in the language you desire. From handwritten letters to email correspondence, having a pen pal will help improve your writing skills and who knows, maybe you’ll make new friends!

Other tips to learn English

  • Change your phone’s language to English in your settings.
  • Think in English.
  • Read in English.
  • Sing songs in English.

Services offerts à la Clé anglaise

  • une révision et correction de courts textes en anglais (lettre, curriculum vitae, etc.);
  • une aide à la compréhension de courts passages non scientifiques;
  • une conversation en anglais;
  • du tutorat.

Horaire et coordonnées - trimestre d’hiver 2024

Mercredi : 8 h à 12 h
Disponibilités supplémentaires sur demande et possibilités de rencontres sur Teams.

Courriel :
Local : E1-1031
Téléphone : 819 821-8000, poste 63946

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