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Book suggestions

When was the last time you appreciated a book? All burdened with many responsibilities, we do not even take the time to appreciate a good reading. If you want to get back into the pleasure of reading, or are only looking for some suggestions, here are my top three books that everyone should read in their life.

Johnny Got His Gun
Johnny Got His Gun is not an easy read. It is no ordinary novel. It does not take the easy way out: it is gruesome, brutal, cruel, remorseless, violent, and terrifying. But that is the story of war. And this is a war story; an atrocious war story: Joe’s story. Prisoner of his own body due to a horrible injury, he descends through hell as he cannot be granted his sole wish: death. War will never be the same again.

The Old Man and the Sea
The Old Man and the Sea tells the story of an aging fisherman whose reputation is not representative of his skills. Marginalized because of his failures as a fisherman, he takes his small boat further than ever before. On his eighty-fifth day of bad luck, he hooks one of the biggest fishes to ever be recorded. But bringing it home seems to be an impossible task. Sharks are coming. The coast is far. His boat is shaky. The Old Man and the Sea is a wonderful story of perseverance.

What was George Orwell’s prophecy in 1948 for the future? A bleak world where every action of ours is watched and free thoughts are forbidden. 1984 is a novel about his vision of the chilling future to come. Even if 1984 has long gone by, Orwell’s story is timelier than ever. Who is tracking you with your cell phone? Who has access to your personal information? A tale about governmental power that will make you think twice about the freedoms we take for granted.

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