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Prepositions relating to time

Using prepositions in English can be difficult because it seems like there aren’t clear rules and they are so different from French. Here are some quick tips to help with using prepositions in relation to time.

1. AT

At can be used when indicating a specific hour time. For example:

Let’s meet up for lunch at 1 o’clock.

Remind me to call my Mom at noon!

Careful, it can also be used for Holidays! : Don’t worry; I’ll give her the watch back when I see her at Christmas.

2. IN

In can be used when indicating a period of time, often referring to the future. For example:

I have an appointment with the dentist in three weeks.

Her exam is in an hour, that’s why she’s so nervous.

My dog is starting to look really dirty; he hasn’t been to the groomer in months.

3. ON

On can be used when indicating a specific date. For example:

We’re getting our nails done on Tuesday. (Remember! Days of the week are capitalized in English).

My final essay is due on the 5th, that’s only 3 weeks away!

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