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Phrasal verbs

The Cle Anglaise introduce you to one of the nightmares of second language learners, phrasal verbs. A phrasal verb is a verb that consists of two or three words; its meaning is different from the meaning those words would have if you considered each one separately.

To “turn off” is a good example of a phrasal verb.
1) Turn off : to make a light, machine, or engine stop working. (E.g. Don’t forget to turn off the lights.)

2) Turn off :  to leave the road or path that you are going along, and start going on another. (E.g. Stephen turned off the main road into an almost an empty side-street)

3) Turn off by something : to make someone decide that they do not like someone or something.  (E.g. I liked the house from the outside, but the decoration inside really turned me off)

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