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COL803 - Integration Seminar



2e cycle
2 crédits
Faculté d'éducation

Cible(s) de formation

To demonstrate the ability to deal with the complexities of the teaching and learning process in the college classroom with the theorical frameworks seen in the program.


Demonstrate the progressive development of professional competence as a practitioner or reflective practitioner in teaching at the college level. Clear conception of the teaching profession in college and situate themselves in relation to the output profile of the program. The items chosen by the teacher to be included in a portfolio will represent what they teach, how they teach, and why they teach. Above all, it will demonstrate their ability to reflect on and critique their own teaching practice especially in relation to course planning, instructional strategies, psychology of learning and assessment content knowledge, content-specific pedagogical knowledge, general pedagogical knowledge, as well as commitment to colleagues, students and the institution at which they teach. It also includes a plan for continued professional development as members of the teaching profession.


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