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PED630 - Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Teaching and Learning



2e cycle
2 crédits
Habituellement offert
Automne, Hiver, Été
Faculté ou centre
Faculté d'éducation

Cible(s) de formation

The goal of this 2-credit course is to consider, in practical terms, how a better understanding and application of equity, diversity, and inclusion principles can help us make our classroom a better, safer place to learn for everyone, and to realize that this is an ongoing learning process.


In this course, we will seek to understand the fundamental concepts of equity, diversity, and inclusion, particularly in the educational context. We will examine academic power dynamics and diverse lived experiences in all classroom interactions, and strive to understand the teacher’s role in creating an open and positive learning environment. We will begin to look at how to apply intentional approaches to incorporating EDI to teaching practice and foster more inclusive learning experiences, and understand that working with EDI is a continuous learning process.