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EFD956 - Strategic Research Funding



3e cycle
3 crédits
Faculté ou centre
Centre Compétences recherche plus
Trimestres *
Automne 2024
Cours offerts à tous

Cible(s) de formation

Skills: plan, write, and submit compelling scholarship or research grant applications.


Main elements of competence: define one's own strategic positioning in a field of research; understand how basic and applied research funding works; know the main sources of information describing the various types of scholarships and grants; understand internal and external selection or submission processes; establish a submission strategy and identify key collaborators (networking); know how to explain the hypothesis, the goal, the objectives, the originality, the relevance, and the feasibility of the proposed project; prepare the various sections of the application, including a budget and a schedule; plan the insertion of preliminary results in the application; adapt the content of the application, taking into account the guidelines, the particularities of the program and the potential evaluators; understand the peer review process; understand the decision of the evaluators of an application (internal and external process); understand the review and resubmission process.



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