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BIS701 - Environmental Impacts of Climate Change and Human Activities on the Oceans



2e cycle
3 crédits
Faculté ou centre
Centre universitaire de formation en environnement et développement durable

Cible(s) de formation

Understand the importance of the oceans as drivers of climate change; gain awareness of the economic importance of oceans and how changes in climate, as well as pollution, impact both oceans and human populations; obtain an understanding of policies designed to mitigate the impacts of people on ocean environments and the challenges that decision-makers have in designing and implementing these policies.


The role of the oceans in the economy and the climate system; society’s relationship with the oceans in coastal zones; major environmental issues affecting the oceans and the challenges facing decision-makers when dealing with the impacts of climate change on the oceans (e.g., sea level rise, saltwater intrusions into aquifers, fisheries, etc.).