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ANG729 - Literature and Adaptation / Littérature et adaptation



2e cycle
3 crédits
Faculté ou centre
Faculté des lettres et sciences humaines

Cible(s) de formation

To examine the process of translating, transforming, and/or transferring one narrative medium into a second, different, and alternative medium through the idea and practice of adaptation.


Special emphasis on the shift from text to film. Exploration of Aboriginal, English Canadian, and Quebecois novels, plays, and short stories adapted for the film or TV screen. What lies behind the process of adaptation? What alters, bends, or shifts between one form and another? How does the creative visualization of words affect our bodies, our perceptions, and our understanding of particular stories and our own cognitive and biological responses to a text/film? Exploration of theoretical approaches to the act of adaptation, and readings in the varied field of adaptations produced in Canada.