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ANG180 - Drama as Performance in Practice



1er cycle
3 crédits
Faculté ou centre
Faculté des lettres et sciences humaines
Trimestres *
Automne 2024

Cible(s) de formation

A practical study of using dramatic performance and orality to express meaning and knowledge across multiple scenarios, such as theatre, politics, teaching, media, and academia. Students will learn to become comfortable using dramatic techniques to improve their communication abilities and to immerse themselves in the language of performative expression. Students will expand on their ability to converse in English at an advanced level and practice various oral communication skills such as register, tone, stress, and intonation.


Students will expand on their essential communication skills, both speaking and listening, by performing short theatre pieces, role-playing, and skills-based practices in expressing meaning across a variety of dramatic scenarios. Students will learn to communicate using the appropriate techniques and tools needed in different scenarios, including language, poetics, clarity, expressiveness, and body-language.

* Sujet à changement