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Lifelong Learning for Postsecondary Instructors

Throughout the world, higher education (offered in colleges and universities, in Quebec) is provided by instructors who are experts in their respective disciplines, passionate about their fields, and, most often, enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge.

However, teaching cohorts of students involves implementing strategies different than those needed to deliver a lecture, as the goal of education is to help students learn, support them in the learning process, and then assess the knowledge or competencies developed. Lifelong Learning for Postsecondary Instructors deals with all these aspects, which must be mastered if we are to excel as educators.

This book is the result of a desire to address a flagrant lack of written resources for postsecondary teaching personnel. The project’s initiator and senior coordinator, Professor Louise Ménard (from the Université du Québec à Montréal), is very familiar with the questions asked both by future educators and seasoned professionals, as she has been involved in training postsecondary instructors for a number of years. She began by working with Professor Lise St-Pierre (from the Université de Sherbrooke’s Performa sector), who also has considerable expertise in this field; the two then sought out contributions from colleagues in different colleges and universities.

The 15 individuals whose writings appear in this volume all work with future postsecondary educators; each deals with an area in which he or she specializes. Such a variety of authors makes it possible to cover a broad spectrum of aspects of college and university teaching, from education models to authentic-assessment strategies and academic motivation. Each chapter is supported by numerous examples designed to facilitate implementation.

Table of content :

  • Relevant Paradigms and Theories, Louise Ménard and Lise St-Pierre
  • An Analytical Grid for Use by Teachers, Lise St-Pierre, Denis Bédard and Nathalie Lefebvre
  • The Interactive Presentation : Focusing on Student Learning, Louise Langevin
  • Problem-Based Learning, Louise Ménard
  • The Case Method, Louise Ménard
  • Project-Based Instruction, Diane Leduc
  • Using ICTs to Enhance and Promote Learning, Bruno Poellhuber and Samuel Fournier St-Laurent
  • Teaching Methods and Strategies for Learning, Christian Bégin
  • How to Motivate Students, Rolland Viau
  • Supporting Teaching, Learning and Assessment through Classroom Management, France Lacourse
  • Neurocognitive Disorders and Academic Success, Odette Raymond
  • Psychological Problems and the Transition to Postsecondary School, Diane Marcotte
  • Assessment to Promote Learning, Julie Lyne Leroux
  • Assessing What Has Been Learned, Louise Bélair


This book is also available in French : Se former à la pédagogie de l'enseignement supérieur.