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Admission (steps, requirements, and costs)

To participate in a STUDENT EXCHANGE PROGRAM, please visit the Being an Exchange Student at UdeS section. The following information does not apply to your situation.

There is no need to pay an outside agency to establish the equivalency of your degrees for admission. The university committee in charge of reviewing applications will establish equivalencies when assessing your application.

1. Meet equivalencies and requirements

Before submitting your application, make sure that you meet the international equivalencies and admission requirements for your program and that you meet the University's language requirements.

Also check the specific admission requirements of the program you are interested in by validating the information on the Admission et exigences tab of the official online program sheet (see Programmes et admission section).

2. Determine your financial ability

Before you even begin the process of leaving your country of residence, you must ensure that you have the financial resources to cover the cost of tuition and living expenses for one year of study. Note that MIFI may require proof of financial ability for the entire duration of your stay. Find out about scholarship and waiver opportunities for international applicants.


Please note that the Université de Sherbrooke does not offer full scholarships. Candidates admitted to research-based master's and doctoral programs may, however, obtain an exemption from diffrential tuition fees under international agreements by applying to their government if it is a partner of the Quebec government. If they do not obtain a scholarship but can provide proof of attempting to do so, candidates may be eligible for a waiver of higher education tuition for international students offered by the University.

3. Plan your application

The academic calendar is divided into three 4-month trimesters as follows:

  • Fall semester: late August to mid-December
  • Winter trimester: Early January to late April
  • Summer trimester: May to August

Consult the official information for the particular program (list of programs of study) to validate the admission trimester(s) under the program. Then, consult the documents to be provided, as well as important information for applicants outside Quebec.



  1. Fall trimester: January 15
    (Doctor of Medicine: November 1st)
  2. Winter trimester: September 1st


An admission application can be submitted at any time, but it is recommended to do so 6 to 8 months before the start of the program.
Check with the program head.

4. Apply online

The admission form allows you to apply to two programs of study of your choice. You will get a separate response for each choice.

We invite you to complete your Admission eForm online en français (see green link below).

Fill out the admission form and be sure to include all required documents.

Your request will only be processed upon receipt of all documents as well as payment of the administration fee.

Admission eForm

Required documents

Please note that upon arrival in Sherbrooke, you will be required to present, in person, all your original documents certified by the issuing educational institutions to allow the Office of the Registrar to certify their validity. Documents written in a language other than French or English must be accompanied by a photocopy of the translation certified by the consulate or embassy of your country of origin.

  • Undergraduate: Legible photocopies of your birth certificate and academic results obtained before the trimester of the deadline for submitting an admission application.
  • Graduate: Legible photocopies of your birth certificate and academic results for the last years of high school and all subsequent years, with attestations and diplomas.
    Other documents required by the program : Each program may request additional documents such as diplomas, motivation letter, curriculum vitae, reference letters based on a particular model, and so on. Check on the Admission et exigences tab of the program's official website page. 

5. Receive and respond to the offer of admission 

Student record: Once you have applied for admission, follow the progress of your application for the University's responses and to respond to the offer of admission.

Offer of admission: As soon as you receive the official admission letter from the Université de Sherbrooke, you will have to give your answer (follow the instructions provided in the e-mail or on the reply sheet sent to you) and pay the confirmation deposit of C$300 before the appropriate deadline in order to reserve your place:

  • May 1 for the fall trimester beginning in September
  • December 15 for the winter trimester beginning in January
  • April 15 for the summer trimester beginning in May

You will also be required to pay the C$300 per trimester for health insurance.

6. Get your immigration documents

Once you have your letter of acceptance, you will have to start your administrative procedures without delay to obtain the immigration documents required for the duration of your stay. Allow several months for this.

7. Registering and choosing courses

An admission is only valid if it is followed by registration, which confers your status as a student at UdeS. The faculty responsible for your program will send you the registration form as well as the procedure for making course choices. Don't forget to activate your electronic identity to maintain correspondence with UdeS.