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Programs with diplomas

The Université offers three levels of study (bachelor, master and doctorate programs) in several fields: business, law, arts and music, education and physical activities, computer programming, engineering, letters, medicine and health sciences, pure sciences and the humanities. Before applying, please consult the various requirements listed below. For the programs that are open to international students, click on the green link at the bottom of the page.

If you wish to take part in an Exchange Program, the information on this page does not concern you. Click on the next tab Being an Exchange Student at UdeS.

The Quebec School System

We explain on this page the levels of education and duration of studies in Québec. You will also find the calendar of semesters and of faculties.

Language requirements

Most course-based bachelor's and master's degrees require a functional knowledge of the French language (level B2 or C1). If you have not taken an international French test or if the particular faculty requests it, you can take the Université de Sherbrooke's French placement test (institutional French test) online free of charge. Be sure to check the language requirements specific to your program of choice on its official Web page (

International equivalencies

Make sure you have the degree or the number of years of schooling required for the particular program. You can click the Admission et exigences tab on the program's official Web page to find out the specific admission requirements. 

Co-op internship program

The co-operative stream, offered in many programs, allows for alternating terms of study and paid internships up to a maximum of 3 to 5 internships. Each internship allows you to earn an average of C$10 000. In addition, the University assists you in preparing for these internships and helps you find them.

Consult the list of programs offering the co-op stream.

Research-based programs 

The process for starting a research project varies according to program and faculty. In many cases, you must first obtain the approval of a research professor before applying for admission. Consult the procedures on our Studying in Research page or visit your faculty's website and take a look at the research tab.

The Université de Sherbrooke also offers postdoctoral fellowships. For more information, visit the Research, Partnerships and Entrepreneurship Services Web site.