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Work on-campus

Job opportunities on campus for exchange students are VERY limited. In addition, it is necessary to have a valid study permit to apply for any jobs. For these reasons, make sure you have all the funds you need to support your expenses during your entire stay in Quebec not counting on the possibility of working.

Budget 2023-2024

Amounts indicated below are approximations of a budget for one semester as an exchange student at the Université de Sherbrooke. Numbers may vary according to each individual's needs. 

 Living Expenses for one semester CAD
 Health insurance324 $
 Housing (rent, electricity, heating)2 000 $
 Books400 $
 Food and hygiene products2 000 $
 Cell phone, internet, cable (tv)500 $
 Personal expenses (clothing, activities, etc.)500 $
 Miscellaneous200 $
 Urban transportFree with student ID
 Inter-city transport120 $
 Total per semester6 044 $