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Application process for exchange students

To apply as an exchange student, you must complete our Exchange Application Form provided by your home university. Do not complete a Université de Sherbrooke Admission Form online. The deadline to send the application is March 31 of each year. All applications must be sent by the home exchange coordinator and not the student itself. 

Admission Criteria

  • Have authorization from your university to take the courses in which you wish to register at the Université de Sherbrooke;
  • Have a good grade-point average and demonstrate proficiency in French;
  • Pay your own transportation, lodging and food expenses as well as health insurance costs, if applicable;
  • Adhere to the Université de Sherbrooke admission requirements for exchange students.

Application file

Required Documents

  • Application Form to the exchange program
  • Letter of interest (one-page maximum)
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Course selection approved by your university
  • Transcript documenting completed studies, every years after high school if possible (photocopy)
  • Birth certificate or passport identification page (photocopy)
  • Proof of your proficiency in French. You do not need to provide this document if you are currently enrolled in a French speaking school or if you are applying to our French as a Second Language program. This proof can be your score to our online French Placement Test (free). Most faculties require minimum FLS 060 and FLS 083-084 to apply for regular courses or a C1 to a Common European Framework of Reference for Languages test. A student with a strong B2 can maybe pass our test or be invited to do a mix of regular courses and advance FSL courses. To register to the test, please e-mail us.
The first four documents require a signature. We reserve the right to refuse all incomplete application files without explanations.

To help you select your courses

Students admitted to an exchange program cannot apply for work terms off campus. When selecting your courses, please be sure you have not chosen off-campus activities.  The courses available to exchange students by trimester can be find on this page for most faculties. If not, use the Course directory to make a pre-selection.   If you wish to take a language course, please consult the Centre de langues website.

Number of credits required during the exchange program

  • Minimum of 12 credits per trimester for undergraduate programs (Bachelor’s)
  • Minimum of 9 credits per trimester for graduate programs (Master’s and Doctoral)
1 credit at UdeS = 15 class hours, 15 work hours, 15 study hours over a 15-week period or 1 credit in Québec = 2 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System)

It is best to indicate a complete list of courses (with replacement options) on the application form. Preferably, you should select your courses from one program or one faculty. Most faculties offer students the possibility to take one course outside their home faculty but, in such a case, students are responsible for the registration process once they are on campus.

Acceptance to a program does not guarantee access to selected courses. Circumstances may require that you select new courses upon your arrival on campus. If you are required to take a particular course, please check with usbefore leaving your home country.