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French Courses

French-as-a-Second-Language Courses

The Université de Sherbrooke's language centre offers French-as-a-second-language courses in semi-intensive (twice a week) or intensive (five times a week) formats every trimester, allowing students to quickly improve their knowledge of the language.

The Language Centre's courses will help you meet the language requirements of the University and your program, as well as promote your academic success and social integration.

It is possible to register for a course as an elective (not leading to a diploma) by adding the course to your program (when possible) or by completing a program of study at the language centre.

If you have any questions about the academic aspect of French-as-a-second-language courses, please consult the language centre website or write to

Cost of Courses

The tuition fees for language-centre courses are the same as for undergraduate programs (bachelor degrees).

Individuals admitted to a bachelor's, master's, or doctoral program might receive a tuition waiver for French-as-a-second-language courses.

For a student to receive this exemption, the faculty must place an admission requirement in their record and register the student for the online placement test.