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FAQ - Answers to Your Questions

French language requirements

As the Université de Sherbrooke is a French-language institution, our programs are offered exclusively in French.  

To be eligible for the desired program of study, all undergrade candidates must provide proof of having reached the level required by the program by passing a recognized placement test. For admission, assessment of the four (4) fundamental skills (oral comprehension, written comprehension, oral production, written production) is required. For master’s and PhD degree programs, please consult the relevant program sheet or contact the program head.

How to enroll at UdeS

To enroll at UdeS, you must first submit an application for admission. To do so, please follow the steps for international applications on the Admission page (steps, requirements and costs).  

The documents to be submitted vary according to the program and the degree (bachelor's, master's or PhD). To send us the documents we need to analyze your application, please go to the Documents to provide page (French content) and the program sheet ("Admission et exigences" tab). 

You can submit the required documents (French content) once you have submitted your application. For master's and PhD programs, certain documents (letters of recommendation, CV, cover letter, etc.) must be sent directly to the program. Check the "Admission et exigences" tab on your program page for more details. 

For bachelor's degree programs, deadlines (French content) are fixed. For master's and PhD programs, we recommend that you apply 6 to 8 months before the start of your program. This gives you time to complete all the steps required to obtain your acceptance letter and immigration documents. There may be exceptions. Check with the program head. 

Our academic calendar is divided into three 4-month trimesters as follows:  

  • Fall semester: late August to December 

  • Winter semester: January to April 

  • Summer semester: May to August 

To find out which trimesters your program of study is offered in, please consult the "Admission et exigences" tab on the program sheet. 

The application form can be completed online. If you are having difficulty, we invite you to view our video clips. They can be found at point #4, under "Aide pour remplir son formulaire". If you still have questions, please contact the Registrar's Office

Admission requirements

For bachelor's degree programs, academic results, prerequisites completed in high school and mastery of the French language are the main admission criteria. Please refer to the "Admission et exigences" tab on the program sheet for information on language requirements and accepted tests.  

For master's and PhD programs, the criteria for file analysis vary according to the program (academic results, application file, letters of recommendation, etc.). Please refer to the "Admission et exigences" tab on the program sheet for more details. 

Minimum grade point averages vary according to the program of study. For more information, please contact the appropriate program coordinator, as indicated in the "Information" box (French content). 

Programs of study

Over 250 study programs (French content) are available to international students at all levels of study. Make sure that the wording "Ouvert aux personnes étudiantes internationales" (Open to international students) is indicated on the official program sheet you're interested in, under " Particularités " in the right-hand column. 

No. Our programs of study are based on a logical, progressive sequence of courses spread over the entire length of the program (2 to 5 years). For this reason, you must start your Bachelor's, master's or PhD program at the very beginning; you cannot take only part of the program unless you are part of an exchange program (ERASMUS type). 

Tuition fees, scholarships and waivers

As part of this Waiver of Higher Tuition Program, Université de Sherbrooke has targeted seven undergraduate programs of study from which students who are admitted will be selected:  

Bachelors’s programs in engineering   

Bachelor’s programs in computer science

Bachelor’s program in quantum information science  

All application forms must be submitted, and application fees must be paid before January 15 for the following fall semester. Application files (transcripts, etc.) must be completed before February 1st. The 31 people selected will receive a notice with their offer of admission. 

We are well aware of the financial challenges that come with studying in Canada. Unfortunately, the Université de Sherbrooke is not in a position to assume all of the costs incurred by international students as part of their study project. For this reason, the assistance offered is limited to the various scholarship programs for international students, depending on the course of study. 

Tuition fees per term for international students are determined by status, program and field of study. Please note that in addition to tuition fees, you'll need to plan for annual living expenses. You can calculate all this using the budget tool (Outil budget).

Research at UdeS

  1. Identify a research project that matches your interests.   
    Consult the Inventory of Research Projects and the Research section of the faculty concerned. Search for projects by research theme rather than by program of study, since one theme may be addressed in several programs. If you're interested in a project for which there are no published offers, don't hesitate to express your interest.
  2. Search for experts on the UdeS website 
    Search by field or keywords in the Specialist Directory and in the Research section of the relevant faculty. 
  3. Prepare your admission application file  
    A one- or two-page resume, a brief description of your research interests, a cover letter and your university transcripts and diplomas. If applicable, have professors who have made a significant contribution to your previous university studies fill out the form or model letter of recommendation required by the program or faculty (see program sheet). 
  4. Contact the person identified to supervise your research project  
    (except for certain programs in the Faculté des lettres et sciences humaines).  

    See Support for Finding a Research Director. Write a clear, concise e-mail highlighting yourself and your willingness to team up with this person and attach your application file. Don't hesitate to refer to your academic achievements, scholarships and publications, as well as to the expert's research and publications. 
  5. Find the research program that matches your project and research direction. 

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