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Train now, recruit later

Offering an internship to a Université de Sherbrooke's student and doing research partnerships are affordable solutions that allow you to train your future workforce now and recruit it later.

Develop the skills of your staff

Do your employees need training? The UdeS offers more than a hundred professional development activities per year, such as conferences, symposiums, workshops and short training sessions. You can also call on our teams of expert trainers to design customized training solutions adapted to your reality and your needs. 

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Find your entrepreneurial resources and technology solutions

Several entrepreneurial resources are available to help you make your project a success. Also, discover how inventions resulting from the Université de Sherbrooke research can become your technological solutions that will allow you to innovate.

Meet your innovation challenges

Do you need special expertise to carry out your project? The Université de Sherbrooke's Business Partnership Group is always ready to listen to organizations to understand their needs and help you find the expertise and resources you need to meet your challenges.

Become a partner of the Université de Sherbrooke