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Integrated Innovation Chain

Develop your technological solutions in quantum and artificial intelligence

The Integrated Innovation Chain is a driving force in Quebec and Canada to support organizations in the fields of artificial intelligence, quantum technologies, digital and innovative manufacturing.

Since 2010, it has benefited from more than $1.5B. Beyond the strategic financial participation of the governments of Quebec and Canada, the industrial partners of the Integrated Innovation Chain have contributed more than 60% to develop their innovative technological solutions.

Complementary leaders

A junction between university research and the development of new products transferred to industry, the Integrated Innovation Chain helps projects evolve thanks to the synergy of three leaders: the Institut quantique (IQ), the Interdisciplinary Institute of Technological Innovation (3IT) and the MiQro Innovation Collaboration Center (C2MI).

Partners can work in close collaboration with multidisciplinary teams and access to ultra-specialized equipment to meet their needs.

The Institut quantique (IQ) 

The Institut quantique is an experimental research and numerical computing infrastructure at the cutting edge of technology, manage by scientists specializing in quantum materialsquantum information and quantum engineering.   

The Interdisciplinary Institute Technological Innovation (3IT)

The Interdisciplinary Institute for Technological Innovation is made up of collaborative research platforms, particularly in micro and nanotechnologies, welcoming scientists and industrials who develop advanced technological solutions.

MiQro Innovation Collaboration Center (C2MI) 

The MiQro Innovation Collaboration Center is a world-class center bringing together more than 400 equipment valued at more than $150M, making it possible to carry out advanced microelectronic projects and transfer them to industry.

Impacts of the Integrated Innovation Chain

Collaborative projects

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