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Innovation Zones

UdeS at the Center of Two Innovation Zones

Already recognized for its exemplary contribution to the economic development of society, the University is setting a new milestone in its development by being a partner in the first two innovation zones in Quebec: the DistriQ, Quantum Innovation Zone and the Bromont Technum Quebec Zone. The total initiative investment is $690 million. 

The Sherbrooke and Bromont innovation zones will be among the most attractive environments in the world for developing quantum and digital technologies.

Through its education, research and community service mission, the Université de Sherbrooke is a key partner in the Sherbrooke Innovation Zone project, which aims to foster the development of quantum science and technology. 

Essential Partner

Building on its tradition of excellence in partnerships, entrepreneurship and innovation, the Université de Sherbrooke brings many of its strengths to bear as a partner in the zones, including:

  • Excellence of its cutting-edge research 
  • Integrated Innovation Chain
  • Co-op Work Term in Companies 
  • Business Partnerships Group
  • Entrepreneurial Resources 

Excellence in Cutting-edge Research

The Université de Sherbrooke has one of the most dynamic research communities in the country. According to the most recent Canada's Top 50 Research Universities, compiled by Research Infosource, UdeS ranks among the best research universities in Canada.

Integrated Innovation Chaine

The Integrated Innovation Chain is a unique concept in North America that promotes the link between basic research and transfer to industry. Since its creation, this chain has benefited from investments of $1 billion. It brings together the Institut quantique (IQ), the Interdisciplinary Institute for Technological Innovation Institut (3IT) and the MiQro Innovation Collaborative Centre (C2MI). It enables the development of advanced technological solutions thanks to the synergies of these players and the strong expertise in micro-nanotechnologies of the research teams.

Co-op Work Term in Companies

The Université de Sherbrooke was the first institution in Quebec to introduce the cooperative system in 1966. It is a true leader in this field, which contributes greatly to its experience, the quality of its services and its reputation. Internships are an invaluable training method for integrating young university students into an increasingly demanding job market and for training the highly qualified personnel (HQP) demanded by businesses.

Each year, close to 5,000 co-op placements are carried out in a thousand organizations of all kinds in Quebec, Canada and even elsewhere in the world.

Business Partnership Group

To meet the innovation needs of organizations, the Business Partnerships Group is dedicated to setting up research projects adapted to the objectives of partners. The UdeS's expertise in all fields is thus transposed within several environments, as illustrated in the video series Spotlight on Partners.

Complementary Resources

The UdeS offers many opportunities to support students' entrepreneurial projects. Complementary resources are available to help them develop their entrepreneurial spirit and accompany them in starting a viable and prosperous business.