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Digital Expertise

The Université de Sherbrooke has developed leading-edge expertise in the field of electronic systems, which is at the heart of Quebec's digital transformation. The research carried out is an indispensable source of innovation to support sectors such as health, life sciences, transportation, energy and telecommunications.

The UdeS-C2MI synergy allows us to carry out research projects and develop innovative and ever more efficient processes that meet the growing needs of digital technologies and artificial intelligence. 

Indeed, to support artificial intelligence and connected objects, electronic systems must be increasingly efficient and versatile. With its partners and collaborators, the Université de Sherbrooke conducts research to ensure that companies have access to efficient and reliable electronic systems.

A new generation trained by practical experience

Through its research projects carried out in industry, the Université de Sherbrooke is helping to train the next generation of materials and nanosystems specialists and to prepare new graduates for the challenges that industry will face in the coming years.