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Partnership research path

Canvassing for partnership reseach projects

Our consultants meet with partners in their business environment and identify their concerns and needs. 

Qualification of business leads

We carry out the qualification of the opportunity of a project, which consists in verifying with a potential partner of its interest and its material, human and financial resources to take part in a partnership with the University. It is at this step that the team tries to identify the university expertise available to carry out the project.  

Definition of the project

We help you to establish a clearly defined project with objectives that meet the respective expectations.

Guidance through the administrative steps

Our team will guide you through the various administrative steps necessary to set up your project. 

Support in the implementation of the agreement

The Service d’appui à la recherche, à l’innovation et à la création (SARIC), Contracts and Grants Section, is following up on the implementation of the agreement. 

Monitoring of the partnership relationship

Throughout the collaborative research project, we will support you and follow up with stakeholders on a regular basis. This follow-up will allow us to optimize the partnership relationship and maintain good understanding between the stakeholders to ensure the success of the project.


When the project is completed, we provide feedback to all stakeholders. The goal is to ensure continuous improvement of the process so that all stakeholders have an enriching and positive experience.

Maintenance of business relationships

The Business Partnership Group ensures that it keeps in touch with the partner to continue listening to its needs and to capture new partnership opportunities.